मूलचन्द प्रा. औद्योगिक प्रशिक्षण संस्थान
25 Sept. 2012
Regn. No.


General Information

1.EligibilityPassed 10th class Examination under 10+2, With Math and science its or equivalent.
2.Duration - Electrician Training2 Years
Units for which affiliation sought/recommended by
3. By Instt.02(1+1)
4.By Std.Comm.02(1+1)
5.By D.G.E.T.02(1+1)
w.e.f. Aug 2012

The trade under which all type of electrical instruments and tools are being known is called the Electrician. Under this trade it is necessary to train the students about he use and maintenance of domestic and industrial equipments. Under this trade conductor, Bad conductor all type of accessorie, effects of electricity, Generatorator, Motor, Alternator, Transformer windings and any type testing ideas and being taught to the students by the qualified instructors.

Skill Aquired/Developed

On completion of the course the trainee shall have though knowledge of generation, transmission and distribution line, overhead different types of insulator, different types of wire, knowledge of different types of wire gauge. Earthing used in substation, power station and different types of capacitor in AC/DC circuit used in electronic and electrical installation in industries. Construction of different types of batteries and electro types used in it, he shall able to prepare and repair batteries in workshop. Servicing and repairing of table fan, celling fan, exhaust fan, grinder, water pumps, washing machine, room heater, AC.DC generator, transformer, knowledge of single phase and three phase induction motor, starter, winding of motor and relay used in AC/DC circuit. Practice of soldering on printed circuit board working on the circuit design prepare HT/CT panel used for Industries/workshop. Defect fault in different types of AC and DC starter and motor timer used in factories and workshop and take up maintenance of machinery, milling machine, capson CNC lathe machine, connect different types of measuring instrument on the panel boards. Winding of transformer field coil of DC motors and AC motors rewinding of armature starter winding, bell/buzzer/NVC of DC starter. To make and fabricate the different types of Electronics circuit as Disco light, water level indicator, musical bell, buzzer, to glow the fuse tube light etc. In this institute told repair the radio television and other electronics circuit also.